AVK Holding established The Academy in September 2016. The Academy is an in-house training facility with a 40 seater capacity. Furthermore, the institute showcases an impressive flow lab which demonstrates the flow of water through a series of valves. Since its establishment, two courses have been launched; The Valves Fundamentals Course, which provides a sound introduction to acquire an essential knowledge of valves, in theory and practice, and The Advanced Valves Course which provides greater insight into principles and practices that address the theories of fluid pressure, fluid flow and field applications. Both courses are accredited by ECSA, and attendees receive 2 CPD points upon completion.


There is a wide range of valve types that have been developed to manage different fluids in a multitude of processes systems and conditions. Some valves can start or stop flow processes whilst others throttle or regulate. Some work well in corrosive environments whilst others can withstand pressure. Each valve has its own advantages, disadvantages and limitations.

This course examines:


• The different valve types
• Valve end connections
• Levers, gearboxes and actuators
• Testing of valves
• Quality assurance
• Installation, operation and maintenance
• Manufacturing methods
• Reconditioning of valves

The Academy aims to offer courses that assist our employees, clients, distributors, students and engineers in understanding valves and their application.


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