AVK’s market leading design quality is based on comprehensive research into customers’ needs and expectations. AVK products are manufactured in modern factories using high technology, computerised machining centres and robots for precision and consistency. The overall framework for quality, from development to distribution, is our extensive quality assurance system.


Product development plays a key role in the company’s activities. As part of a clear product market strategy, AVKs, products are continually redesigned and improved in to raise performance levels and reduce installation and operating costs for the customer.
UK product development teams work closely with AVK Tech, the Group’s technology centrebased in Denmark that develops new products, production tools, equipment and production processes. Changes to AVK’s product portfolio are based on customer feedback as well as years of engineering experience and analysis of product performance. Rigorous testing is carried out on all products to ensure that, as a minimum, they conform to the appropriate authoritative approvals required, both in the UK and overseas. In addition and more importantly, AVK products are designed and built with the customer in mind, with considerations for ease of installation, reliability, longevity and low maintenance.