District Cooling & Heating


We supply a wide range of valves, gears and actuators for district cooling and heating systems. These products are distinguished by robust design, corrosive resistance, minimum condensation and long, maintenance free life. Our valves can be used in all applications both within and outside the buildings.

In district cooling and heating process automation it is of the utmost importance and an important component of the valve is the actuator. Besides manual operation by means of a lever or gear unit the AVK group of companies offer a wide range of automatic actuators and accessories such as limit switches, regulating valves and positioners.

Below are listed the AVK Industrial Valve companies that can be contacted for further information. Please do not hesitate to contact us with your enquiry.


Premier Valves

The Premier Valves brand continues to be amongst Southern Africa’s leading valve manufacturers and specialises in a full range of Wedge Gate Valves, Double Flanged Butterfly Valves, Sleeve Dispersant Valves and Automatic Control Valves to service the Waterworks Industry from its facility in Alrode, Gauteng. It has now expanded its range to include valves for the Mining, Petrochemical, Chemical, Power Generation, Steel Production, Pulp and Paper Industries.

The valve applications include various liquids and gases such as water, air, sewage, slurries, chemicals and steam.

Gunric Valves

GUNRIC has been in the valve business for more than 20 years. Since December 2016, AVK Holding South-ern Africa acquired the assets, IP and brand name of Gunric Valve Manufactur¬ing. Gunric products will continue to be manufac¬tured at the existing factory facility in Robertville, Florida. Investing in Gunric has not only increased AVK’s local manufacturing footprint but deepened the product programme offering to cus-tomers.

Gunric Valves has always specialised in manufacturing and exporting large diameter and made-to-order butterfly and tilting disc check valves. The unique combination of practical experience, cutting edge technology and commitment to product and service al¬lows Gunric to ensure that every aspect of the operation is of the highest possible standard.

Flonidan Driven by innovation.Flonidan DC A/S has more than 25 years’ of experience in design and manufacture of innovative metering solutions with integrated data communication for the gas, water and district heating markets – as well as customised turnkey gas stations for the gas market. Flonidan is a world market leader in smart gas meters and gas conversion devices with integrated automatic meter reading.

ICV ICV valves for total control inside buildings.ICV is specialised in the supply of valves and other products, characterised by superior quality and outstanding durability for HVAC and building services markets.

InterApp A customer focused technology and project management company.Headquartered in Rotkreuz, Switzerland, InterApp operates its own research and development as well as manufacturing, assembly and testing facilities in Switzerland and in Spain. With more than 40 years of experience, InterApp sets technological standards with their proprietory valve and fluid technology.

Engineering expertise in clear structures for over 20 years.TEC artec GmbH is an experienced manufacturer of high pressure and high temperature valves in the segments of power generation and oil and gas industries. They design and manufacture gate and ball valves with shut-off and control functions as well as desuperheaters and turbine by-pass valves for the control of temperature and pressure of steam according to the customer’s requirements.

Wouter Witzel Eurovalve Global players in valve engineering.For 40 years, the Dutch company Wouter Witzel EuroValve has been a leading international manufacturer and supplier of high quality industrial butterfly valves and actuators. The products are used in pipelines as shut-off valves, control valves and non-return valves. A full range of manual control devices, actuators and accessories is available for specific conditions.