Denmark enters energy cooperation with Argentina

28/03/2019 – Sanne Aude
Denmark’s experience with renewable energy can help Argentina change its energy sector.

The two countries signed a cooperation agreement in connection with the Queen’s state visit to Argentina.


Denmark has entered an energy cooperation with Argentina in connection with a Danish state visit during the days 18-19. March 2019 with the participation of HM Queen Margrethe and HRH Crown Prince Frederik as well as Denmark’s Foreign Minister, Anders Samuelsen and Environment and Food Minister, Jakob Ellemann-Jensen.

Focus on supply, energy planning and energy efficiency

Specifically, the two countries must cooperate on important areas that will support the integration of more wind energy into the Argentine energy system. In addition, the collaboration will focus on the development of public supply of renewable energy and energy planning. The cooperation agreement will also allow the two countries’ authorities to work together on increased efforts on energy efficiency, so that the heat loss in the Argentine building mass is significantly reduced.

AVK participated as a delegate among 16 companies in the group “Sustainability” and other 14 companies divided into the two groups, “Healthcare” and “Food”.


From AVK Niels-Erik Andersen, AVK Holding participated, and as invited guest, Nuno Guerreiro, AVK Valvulas S.A. Spain, which in recent years has had sales to Argentina.


The days were well-planned by the organizers “The Danish Embassy in Argentina”, “Confederation of Danish Industry”, “State of Green” and “Danish Agriculture & Food Council”.


There were visits to AySA (Buenos Aires Water Co) WWTP, Planta Norte, YPF (Argentina’s 40% Power and Gas Provider), and good opportunity to discuss and meet with potential partners in the water and gas industry.


AVK also attended a dinner at Alvear Palace Hotel, where the royal ballet performed two impressive dances, staged by the Danish ballet master Nikolaj Hübbe.

It was a great experience for AVK, and with ample opportunity for contact with future business relations.



Her Majesty the Queen, HRH Crown Prince and 25 Danish companies were on a state visit to Argentina (18 to 20 March), where sustainability was in focus. Argentina has set an ambitious goal that 20% of the country’s electricity should come from renewable energy in 2025. In September 2017, Argentina’s electricity consisted of just approx. 2% renewable energy, but it is in a market in great growth for e.g. wind energy. The Argentine Deputy Minister for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency, Sebastián Kind, visited Denmark in February to visit green Danish solutions. The visit showed that there is great interest in a strengthened cooperation between Denmark and Argentina in relation to renewable energy.