AVK Logistics and Projects Division grows Top Talent


AVK Southern Africa has increased the skills base of its Logistics and Projects Division with the recent appointment of Jack Mojapelo to the position of Logistics and Projects Assistant. Subsequent to completing his Logistics and Supply Chain Management Diploma from Damelin in 2018, Mojapelo, who joined the company’s Distribution Centre in March 2017, was promoted to his current position.


Beginning with AVK in March 2017 as Stores Assistant distributing stock from the Distribution Centre, he was quick to prove himself and advanced through the ranks until his most recent promotion. AVK recognises and invests in potential and so it was when the company sponsored Mojapelo’s diploma. His vast industrial logistics experience gained from several industries, including the food and beverage and building industries, made Mojapelo the ideal candidate to grow and develop.


“It is important that we demonstrate our talents and abilities, that we prove ourselves,” Mojapelo says. “AVK is committed to growing its employees and studying was an incredible opportunity for me.” He adds that AVK Valves’ commitment to developing products and people to influence the future, together with its skills development strategy and enterprise development initiatives, are aligned to South Africa’s economic transformation agenda. “This, together with our company’s commitment to us, the employees, sends a strong message: We are proudly South African and our country is open for business,” he enthuses.


Mojapelo always had a penchant for logistics and attributes his recent success, in part, to support received from management and colleagues. “I have never before had as much support as I do now and management is fantastic – they listen to my ideas and are open to doing things differently. I have learned a range of new skills in my project assistance role, many of which can be attributed to those I work with.”



There’s a lot to be said about being called the “friendliest face to welcome you to the Distribution Centre”. Mojapelo is a man of enthusiasm, drive and tenacity. He is a rare type of person. Someone who is driven by hard work, by integrity and passion, and his zest is contagious.


For Mojapelo, life is a journey and the world is a jungle. “Just make sure you’re the top of the food chain”, he laughs. What does being at the top of the food chain mean for this logistics enthusiast? “Work hard, be positive and believe in yourself. Always do what’s right, use opportunities to prove yourself to others, and don’t be scared to ask questions.”


“Don’t lose your passion or the love for what you do, continue to learn and grow. And be there for the new guys and those just starting out,” Mojapelo concludes. “I would definitely like to study further, but whether in logistics or projects, we’ll have to wait and see,” he smiles.