High Pressure Valves designed to perform with precision


Gunric Valves (GV), a product brand of AVK Southern Africa, is recognised internationally as a leading manufacturer of triple eccentric butterfly valves.


For a dam in Aachen German, three triple eccentric 900mm butterfly valves were supplied to overcome the demanding operating cycles and avoid costly maintenance at water depths of 40 metres. The choice of triple eccentric butterfly valves was made due to their long-lasting life span of 50 years.


For a refinery in Kazakhstan, central Asia, GV supplied several 72-inch triple eccentric butterfly valves with steam tracing to help prevent valves from freezing during the plant’s shutdown period in winter, where temperatures decrease to -45°C. Steam tracing helps to prevent gas condensation, prevents liquids from freezing or jellifying and helps maintain optimal flow – depending on the pipeline’s media.


One of the key features of Gunric’s metal seated valve design allows for a replaceable seat and seal as a kit allowing clients to keep both seats and seals in stock, decreasing repair time.


Since Gunrics existence in 1989, client base and export programme have expanded to include the rest of Africa, the Middle East, Asia, Europe, South America and other regions. For more information contact Mark Wilson